7 Tips to Prolonging Your Teeth Whitening

7 Tips to Prolonging Your Teeth Whitening

Dec 12, 2018

You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a teeth whitening treatment, especially with the many over-the-counter options making claims for perfect white teeth. But the bottom line is that there is not a single over-the-counter product that can match the teeth whitening process you can achieve through a professional treatment.

So rather than continuing to purchase over-the-counter whitening products week after week, why not learn how a professional whitening treatment can be prolonged over time? Following are seven tips that we offer to all patients at West Humbler Dentistry to help maintain brightened teeth.

  • Avoid eating foods that will stain your teeth. These include red wines, artificially colored juices, and certain spices.
  • Avoid or reduce the amount of coffee or tea that you drink since these are often the number one culprit for staining teeth.
  • If you must drink coffee, tea, or wine, try using a straw so the liquid bypasses your teeth.
  • Always rinse your mouth immediately after eating, but we do not recommend that you brush for at least 20 minutes since your teeth may still be soft from bacterial acid attacks. Brushing too early may cause scratched enamel surface which means future food pigments could find their home in them.
  • Do not use abrasive toothpastes or overly stiff toothbrushes since they can abrade your teeth which would cause the same concerns as the tip mentioned above.
  • The good news is that certain foods – like cheese — can create a protective coating over your teeth. Whenever possible, try eating these foods before eating or drinking others that have a high staining probability.
  • Just because your teeth look perfect doesn’t mean you can forgo continued good oral hygiene practices. Your overall health goal should still be to keep unsightly plaque from building up since plaque can also attract stains from the foods you eat or the liquids you drink.

Leave Your Smile to the Professionals

One of the main reasons to let West Humber Dentistry perform your teeth whitening procedure is something that matters to everyone: Time. Since over-the-counter treatments need to be used daily for long periods of time – sometime weeks or months – your time will be spent wishing for a perfect smile instead of seeing one. Make your appointment today for a quick professional tooth whitening treatment in Rexdale, Ontario.

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