Advanced Technology in Rexdale, Ontario

While many dental offices offer amenities to relax patients, we at West Humber Dentistry also believe that an important focus is on the technology that is available in the dental field. Not only are these new developments pretty cool to look at, but they help our team of dentists do their job better and also offer improved treatment options to our patients. Here are some of our amazing advanced technology features:

  • CEREC – The process of getting veneers and dental crowns can often take multiple visits, however, thanks to our CEREC machine, we can create our own dental appliances on site. Instead of having to install a temporary that can be removed and replaced with the permeant at a later time, we can save you valuable time by creating them on-site.
  • Digital X-Rays – Not only do digital x-rays expose our patients to less radiation, but they also develop at a lightning fast speed and don’t require the expensive chemicals and film that they normally would.
  • Digital Impressions – While the standard method of taking impressions would often require having the patient bite down in a molding gel for an extended period of time, our digital technology allows us to quickly and efficiently take an impression of your mouth.
  • Laser Whitening – There is no better whitening option than a professional in-office treatment. Laser technology allows the whitening gel used during our treatments to cure quickly, giving our patients dazzlingly white teeth in just one appointment.
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