Common Questions Regarding Invisalign

Common Questions Regarding Invisalign

Apr 01, 2023

Among our priorities at West Humber Dentistry is to ensure that patients feel heard and understood. Therefore, we are quick to answer their questions regarding different treatments. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Invisalign are:

  • Can I leave my Invisalign out for a day?

If you forget to wear your clear aligners, you will not be the first one in history to do it. However, it is not going to benefit your treatment if you make a habit of it.

Ideally, Invisalign works by continuously applying pressure to teeth over a predetermined period. Dentists recommend wearing clear aligners for between 20 and 22 hours daily. Therefore, before you begin the Invisalign treatment in Rexdale, ensure you are ready for such a commitment. Commit to wearing your clear aligners every day and night to achieve optimal results.

  • ​How to take care of your clear teeth aligners?

You may not realize how big a deal it is to have Invisalign until you start your treatment. Many patients fail to fully grasp that Invisalign is dissimilar from metal braces. Therefore, they need the same level of care or maintenance.

Taking care of Invisalign should include, but not be limited to:

  1. Remove your clear aligners when eating – even for snacks
  2. Avoid drinking and beverages and drinks with your aligners in your mouth, other than water
  3. Brush your teeth before wearing aligners
  4. Clean and rinse your aligners regularly after removing them
  5. Store them well, especially away from heat
  • ​Should I drink hot & cold water while wearing aligners?

Restrictions on what to eat and drink after starting the Invisalign treatment are there to protect your aligners from damage. The food and drinks can damage your clear aligners by cracking, breaking, expanding, or discoloring them.

A dentist near you will recommend water as the only drink you should take while wearing your clear aligners. However, avoid hot water since the high temperatures will warp the aligner, causing an improper fit that may irritate your gums. Many dentists will advocate for cold or room-temperature water. Besides, you cannot avoid drinking water altogether as it significantly benefits your dental health.

  • Is It safe to smoke with an aligner? 

Smokers often struggle with dental treatments as they typically translate to quitting smoking. Generally, the earlier you can stop smoking, the better for your dental and general health.

When you start your Invisalign treatment in Rexdale, you must prioritize your dental health by watching what gets in it when wearing your aligners. Smoking with clear aligners in place presents various problems, including:

  1. Staining your clear aligners
  2. The chemicals can harm the structure of Invisalign
  3. Teeth damage – since the tobacco can be trapped between the clear aligners
  • ​If I feel my teeth are straight enough, should I stop to wear an aligner?

If your dentist at a dental clinic in Etobicoke recommends orthodontic treatment for 6 months or longer, it will feel overwhelming. Many patients desire to discontinue wearing clear aligners as soon as they feel like their teeth are straight enough.

While progress indicates that the treatment is working, it does not mean it is complete. Instead, you should continue to wear your clear aligners until the end of your treatment. Dentists usually develop a precise treatment plan to guide the movement of teeth. Besides, only after treatment can your dentist prepare retainers to hold your teeth in place and prevent them from shifting to their original positions.

  • ​Will wearing an aligner affects my speech?

Admittedly, the clear aligners will feel foreign in your mouth. When you first wear your Invisalign braces, they may feel bulky, cause soreness, and even make your speech sound different. However, things should get better as you go.

Since the clear aligners feature thin, clear plastic trays, the slimness hardly distorts your oral functionality. Besides, these slim transparent trays are customized to fit perfectly and minimize discomfort or dysfunction. You may only notice some differences when trying to sound out the “s”, “sh”, or “z”.

​Any age limit for Invisalign treatment?

No! Dentists do not have a predetermined age limit for Invisalign treatment. Usually, you can benefit from Invisalign as a child, teenager, or adult. People in their 50s can even straighten their teeth with clear aligners. However, the treatment is more effective for younger patients, as it may take a long time to shift adults’ teeth.

As an older patient, try Invisalign treatment when you are certain that you can handle a long-term commitment to straighten your teeth.

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