Dental Implant Start to End Process

Dental Implant Start to End Process

Dec 01, 2022

Are you missing teeth and considering dental implants as restorations to replace them? Do you wonder what you can expect from the process? Dental implants function as prosthetics for your missing teeth, giving you natural looking and feeling and serving artificial teeth as substitutes for your natural teeth. If you intend to replace missing teeth with dental implants, the dentists at the dental clinic in Etobicoke are happy to welcome you and take you through the basics of the treatment. They can also walk you through what to expect throughout your treatment.

The Dental Implant Step-By-Step Process

  • 1. Consultation For Implants and Planning

When considering dental implants, you must start with a consultation with the Etobicoke implant specialists to determine your eligibility for dental implants. The specialists will perform a comprehensive exam by taking x-rays of your mouth with CT scans to assess whether dental implants suit your needs. If you are eligible for these restorations, the professionals start planning your implant surgery immediately before you leave the dental office.

  • 2. Pre-Implant Surgery (Occasionally)

If your jawbone does not have the density needed, you might need to augment bone in the jaw before getting implants. In such cases, you might have to have a couple of teeth extracted and need alveoloplasty or jawbone smoothening to prepare for implant placements. In addition, depending on the surgical procedure, you might have to wait from three to 12 months to recover from the course before the implant placement process begins.

  • 3. Implant Placement

During your next appointment to receive dental implant treatment, the dentist cleans your mouth before numbing it. After that, they will use your treatment plan for guidance and place the implants precisely in the mouth in the edentulous tooth socket. Thereafter cleaning, disinfecting, and suturing the surgical site to promote healing completes the implant placement surgery process.

  • 4. Healing and Recovering Implant Placement

Starting from the initial placement of the dental implant, you will need approximately two weeks to recover from the implant placement procedure. The dentist from the Etobicoke facility will provide after-care instructions that you must follow stringently. After the initial two weeks, the titanium implant starts osseointegration with your jawbone to permanently become a part of your body. Osseointegration requires three to six months and is essential before you can have the implant restoration mounted on the implant.

  • 5. Implant Restoration Creation

During your recovery from three to six months, you will likely visit the Etobicoke dentist several times to assess your progress and enable the cosmetic dentist to take impressions of your teeth to start customizing your implant restoration. The customization happens at an external dental laboratory and is delivered to the Etobicoke dental practice in approximately three to four weeks. You can have the restoration after your mouth has fully recovered from the implant placement process.

  • 6. Abutment Placement

The abutment placement process happens a few weeks before your final appointment. The abutment is a small attachment screwed onto the dental implant and helps attach your implant-supported artificial tooth like a dental crown. You require a couple of weeks to recover from the abutment placement surgery.

  • 7. Dental Crown Placement

After you recover from abutment placement surgery, you can revisit the Etobicoke facility for your final appointment fully excited because it is when you receive your artificial tooth over the implant. The dentists will evaluate the dental crowns customized for your needs to ensure they fit correctly. Finally, the dental crown is bonded, restoring your missing tooth to complete the dental implant procedure.

Can Implants Be Done In One Day?

The average time needed to get artificial teeth over the implant is approximately 6 to 12 months. However, the treatment time can differ between patients depending on their oral health and the pretreatment procedures needed. Getting dental implants in a day is undoubtedly possible, depending on how many teeth you want to have replaced. However, the implant placement process is divided into two stages which the Etobicoke dentist explains during your planning stages.

You can have the implants you need in one day because the surgical process involves drilling your jawbone and placing the titanium post deep into it. Unfortunately, you cannot have your missing teeth in a day because the implant must stabilize in your body to support your teeth to function in your mouth without complications. In addition, not completing the osseointegration process can result in implant failure, which you wouldn’t want after undergoing intensive treatment and investing considerable time to replace your missing teeth.

If you must replace the missing teeth, West Humber Dentistry in Etobicoke is the practice you must visit to receive your artificial teeth. However, it helps if you prepare as described in this article before considering dental implant placement substitutes for your natural teeth. Arrange an appointment with the practice today to start your planning to receive dental implants.

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