Dental Implants: How They Work and What They Are Made Of?

Dental Implants: How They Work and What They Are Made Of?

Mar 25, 2019

Dental implant is a choice of treatment when a person is suffering from missing tooth or broken tooth issue. Missing tooth is a problem in out childhood. However, once tooth fallen, new tooth comes up in that place automatically for the kids. For adults, the same thing does not happen. When you get your permanent teeth in adulthood, there is no chance to get new teeth if there is missing teeth issue. However, you can get an artificial tooth in place of missing tooth. This artificial tooth has been installed through dental implant process at West Humber Dentistry. So, what are dental implants? The answer of this question shall be discussed below.

The Artificial Tooth

In place of your missing tooth, an artificial tooth is implanted through a surgery which is formally called as dental implant. This artificial tooth comes with a few major components that are required to be highlighted.

  • Crown: Crown is the white and hard part of the tooth. It is generally made with ceramic material and it looks almost identical to the natural teeth of human beings.
  • Connector: The middle part of the artificial tooth is known as connector. This part helps the crown to stay attached with the root. This connector, also known abutment, is generally hexagonal or octagonal in shape.
  • Base: The last part of the artificial tooth is known as root or base. This is nothing but a titanium screw which will keep the artificial tooth firmly attached to your jaw bone.

How Implant Process Is Conducted?

Dental implant process is done through oral surgery, and thus it has to be done by an expert as well as certified cosmetic dentist. What does the implant process involve? A small hole is created on jawbone and there the titanium root of artificial teeth is implanted. When base in connected and healed, the second surgery is conducted to place the crown.

Choosing the Right Dental Implant Materials

Different between implant materials can be found. Generally, the crown is designed with ceramic and root is designed with Titanium. However, at West Humber Dentistry, one can get other options for materials too, and they are FDA approved.

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