How often should I get a dental exam?

It is recommended to visit your dentist twice a year for a thorough dental exam and cleaning. However, there are many patients that can benefit from more frequent visits, such as patients with gum disease and patients that are prone to cavities.

What type of toothbrush is best?

While many patients reach for the full bristled toothbrushes, we recommend using soft brushes. Full bristles may feel like they are cleaning your teeth better, but the strength can actually cause damage to the enamel and gums.

When should a child have their first appointment?

At our office, we recommend that kids first see the doctor around the age of 3. The first appointment is more about getting comfortable with the office; we let them go for a ride in the chair and have a quick look of their mouth with a dental mirror.

Are dental sealants just for children?

While many children do get dental sealants, and we highly recommend them to keep molars safe, sealants can be applied to teeth in patients at any age. You are never too old to get preventive treatments that can drastically help your oral health.

If my teeth don’t hurt, can I skip my checkup?

Preventive dentistry is the best way to keep mouths healthy! This means that we can perform small treatments that prevent larger issues instead of waiting for a larger issue and dealing with it. Instead of needing a root canal to save a tooth, we can often spot an issue in the tooth and take care of it with a filling during a checkup.

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