How Can a Customized MouthGuard Prove Beneficial for You?

How Can a Customized MouthGuard Prove Beneficial for You?

Feb 01, 2020

Mouthguards were forever believed as an essential piece of athletic gear because sportspersons are always getting injured in the mouth when involved in contact sports or other recreational activities. However, dentists have discovered new ways to help the average individual benefit from a customized mouth guard. These days, dentists are recommending mouth guards for dealing with problems like snoring and sleep apnea which is proving beneficial for countless numbers of people suffering from this condition.

We are talking about a customized mouth guard because not all mouthguards are similar. They are widely available and affordable and can be brought from most sports goods stores and pharmacies. The sizes available are from small to large to fit over your teeth. Most varieties available only fit over-the-top teeth. However, stock mouthguards are also uncomfortable and do not fit properly making it difficult for you to talk and breathe while wearing one. Therefore a customized mouth guard will be the better option if you are seeking one for a medical problem.

What Are the Types Available Apart from Stock Mouthguards?

Besides stock mouthguards, you can also find boil and bite mouthguards that are sold in most drugstores for a relatively higher price. Boil and bite mouthguards are available in a single size unlike different sizes of stock mouthguards. They can be customized to fit over your teeth by boiling them until they soften and placing them over the front teeth and biting down. You must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer if you want to get the best fit.

Custom-made mouthguards can be purchased from your dentist who will develop the appliance after taking a mold of your teeth. The mouthguard will be created specifically for the structure of your mouth and teeth.

The dentist in Rexdale can provide you with a night guard that provides a better fit than boil and bite or stock mouthguards. The mouthguard developed by the dentist is more comfortable and difficult to dislodge accidentally when you’re sleeping.

If you suffer from the problem of snoring or sleep apnea a customized mouthguard will be your best option. They are more expensive than over-the-counter varieties. However many dental insurance plans cover the cost of some or the entire cost of the mouthguards.

Which Type of Mouthguard Is Suitable for You?

All mouthguards look similar but have different functions. You will have to choose a mouthguard for the specific activity you are going to be involved in.

Certain sporting activities carry a high risk of injuries to the mouth and lips and a mouthguard is the best way you can protect your teeth and prevent injuries to the soft tissues of your mouth. Using a mouthguard will be suggested if you are involved in any of the following sports. Football, boxing, soccer, basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, skateboarding, cycling, volleyball, wrestling, and others.

A stock mouthguard or a boil and bite mouthguard will be a good choice for protection when you are involved in sports. Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and will be a good option if you want to use them occasionally. Boil and bite mouth guards are slightly expensive but can offer a better fit helping them to stay in place. If you are a participant in high-impact sports a boil and bite mouthguard may be the better option for you.

Mouth Guard for Bruxism

If you suffer from the problem of bruxism which causes you to grind your teeth when sleeping you will benefit from a mouth guard for teeth grinding and save yourselves from problems like tooth pain, sore gums, jaw pain, and damages to your teeth. You will not want a stock mouthguard to deal with this problem but prefer a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist which will prove to be a better fit.

Mouthguard for Snoring

Many people suffer from a serious disorder of sleep apnea in which snoring is a major problem. It can decrease your quality of life and that of your partner as you repeatedly stop breathing snoring when you are sleeping. A mouth guard for sleeping not only reduces snoring but can also help you to overcome the problem of sleep apnea which would undoubtedly affect you with the problem. You should, therefore, be talking to the dentist in Rexdale about the options you have for a mouthguard. The dentist may be able to develop a customized mouth guard for sleeping or even recommend one that has worked better with other patients.

This discussion should give you information that mouthguards are no longer the sole domain of sportspersons but can also be used by people that suffer from various dental issues to improve them.

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