How Many Teeth Can Fit on a Bridge?

How Many Teeth Can Fit on a Bridge?

Oct 01, 2022

When confronting the problem of missing teeth, you might look around for replacement options that suit your needs. Researching different options, you might notice the cosmetic dentist in Etobicoke offers an excellent remedy to replace your lost teeth with dental bridges. You might wonder what dental bridges are to make additional inquiries about them from dentists near you to receive information that bridges are fixed prosthetics in the mouth, unlike dentures, removable appliances placed on your gums and causing challenges with slipping and sliding besides being bulky and hanging in the mouth. Dental bridges are excellent for replacing one or more teeth needing merely one fixture. If you want to understand how many teeth bridges can hold, we suggest you continue reading this article for the necessary details.

The Embarrassment of Missing Teeth

The embarrassment of missing teeth affects everyone, including the young and the elderly. Unfortunately, the problem with missing teeth affects adults due to infections, decay, injuries, et cetera. Lost teeth leave gaping holes in your mouth, impacting your smile. You confront challenges mingling with family members or friends to socialize and try smiling discreetly by raising your palms to eventually become an introvert because you don’t have the confidence to mingle with people.

Loss of teeth also makes you a victim of a misaligned bite because your remaining begin drifting towards the edentulous gap from the missing tooth or teeth. The vacant spaces become breeding grounds for your mouth bacteria to feed on food particles trapped to cause infections in your mouth, needing frequent treatments from dentists. In addition, you confront challenges biting or chewing foods that leave you malnourished. The challenges you face make it essential for you to search for replacement solutions for the missing teeth to request dental bridges in Rexdale to help you overcome the problems.

Dental Bridges Explained

Dental bridges are artificial teeth fixed to cover the vacant spaces in your mouth. The replacement solution helps restore missing teeth by connecting dental crowns with an artificial tooth or teeth between them to the neighbouring teeth. For example, porcelain or composite resin crowns often represent artificial teeth paired with bridges. Dental bridges supported by implants are also an option to create a stable and permanent tooth replacement solution.

Do Dental Bridges Damage My Remaining Teeth?

If you are desperate to replace your missing teeth, you find it beneficial to visit the nearby family dentist to ask whether your oral health is suitable to receive dental bridges. Different types of dental bridges are available to suit various situations. For example, if you have a missing front tooth, two natural teeth adjacent to the gap are essential in healthy condition. Natural teeth function as abutments to have dental crowns on them with an artificial tooth or the bridge between them. Unfortunately, if you have one natural tooth besides the missing tooth gap, you can either have a cantilever bridge to hold your artificial tooth or consider having a dental implant.

You must arrange two appointments with the Etobicoke cosmetic dentist to get dental bridges. Although the process is uncomfortable, you receive local anesthesia in the mouth as the dentist reshapes the adjacent teeth to accommodate the dental crowns. The dental bridges required are bonded to the dental crowns for placement on your natural teeth. After completing the tooth preparation process and taking impressions for the dental crowns and the bridge, the dentist provides temporary acrylic bridges to cover the reshaped teeth until the dental laboratory returns your permanent bridges.

You must endure the temporary bridges for about three weeks and revisit the dentist to have your permanent bridges placed later. During your second appointment, the dentist removes the temporary bridges and checks the colour and fit of the permanent restoration. If everything is acceptable, the dental crowns are bonded over the prepared teeth with a bridge between them.

The bridge procedure requires tooth structure removal to accommodate the dental crowns. Therefore if you consider the reshaping as damage to your teeth, we suggest you change your opinion and consider a minor price to pay for the abilities you regain with the replacements. Dental bridges help you overcome all the challenges you are confronting without teeth in your mouth.

How Many Teeth Fit on a Bridge?

Most people consider replacing one or two missing teeth with dental bridges. However, dental bridges can hold up to four teeth, especially if you have healthy teeth beside the edentulous gaps. However, you must understand that having four teeth on a dental bridge compromises the strength and durability of the restoration. Therefore, if you have four missing teeth, having a dental implant between them makes sense to support your replacement solution.

Do Dental Bridges Appear Natural?

Bridges appear and function like natural teeth as they are made from porcelain and customized to resemble the remaining teeth in your mouth. Therefore if you consider dental bridges, you can rest assured the replacements remain indistinguishable in your mouth, looking like your natural teeth.

If the consequences of tooth loss haunt you, we recommend you contact West Humber Dentistry for teeth replacement solutions. The cosmetic dentist will provide dental bridges appearing and functioning like your natural teeth to restore your mouth’s functionality and smile.

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