Is Laser Teeth Whitening a Safe Treatment?

Is Laser Teeth Whitening a Safe Treatment?

Feb 01, 2023

Almost anyone would love to have a bright smile. That’s why teeth whitening is the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatment. Because of the high demand, different technologies have been made available to patients. You will find professional treatment performed by our Etobicoke dentist, or you can use DIY treatments in your local store.

Professional teeth whitening treatments have also evolved. Teeth whitening has gone beyond bleach (hydrogen peroxide) to laser teeth whitening.

Since laser teeth whitening is relatively new in the market, there are still some questions plaguing patients. Is it safe? Is it effective? If these are some of your questions, you will hopefully get your answers.

About Laser Teeth Bleaching

Mostly, patients will get their teeth whitened using bleach (hydrogen peroxide). But with laser teeth bleaching, the process goes a bit further. Our cosmetic dentist will whiten your teeth using a strong beach and a high-powered light for a short duration, between 60 and 90 minutes. Usually, lasers are not actually used during the procedure.

The teeth whitening is done by hydrogen peroxide, which temporarily weakens the enamel to penetrate the inner parts of the tooth, where it breaks down the stains. The high-powered light heats the hydrogen peroxide and accelerates the whitening process.

Our dentist will repeat the process several times until the desired shade is attained. Since the process uses bleach and high-powered light, it is more rapid than other whitening treatments.

Is Laser Teeth Bleaching Safe?

Laser teeth bleaching is a generally safe teeth whitening treatment. However, the high concentration of the bleaching agent can dehydrate the teeth and cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Just How Effective Is Laser Teeth Bleaching?

As mentioned earlier, laser teeth whitening utilizes a strong hydrogen peroxide concentration and a high-powered light. The process is quick and can alter your smile within minutes. You will get in with a dull smile and leave our office with a dazzling smile.

Will Laser Teeth Whitening Damage Your Gums?

Before you undergo laser whitening, our dentist will cover your gums (soft tissue) with protective material to reduce the risk of your gums getting irritated with the bleaching agent. Unlike teeth whitening strips and other teeth whitening DIY kits, laser teeth bleaching requires more bleach.

The increase in bleach can irritate the gum tissue and other soft tissues, especially if there is no proper protection.

That’s why you need to get teeth whitening from an experienced dentist like our Etobicoke dentist, who understands the risks and can mitigate them. Also, an experienced dentist will use the appropriate amount of gel that will result in mild and temporary irritation.

When the gums are exposed to too much bleaching agent, it will result in white spots on the gums. But remember that mild tooth sensitivity is a normal side effect of teeth whitening.

Something worth noting is the heat produced by the high-powered light is low. The heat is simply needed to accelerate the process, which causes the bleaching gel to be used much faster. This is even better because it minimizes the side effects of exposure to high concentrations of the bleaching agent.

In other words, laser teeth bleaching will only damage your teeth when there are no proper protective measures and inaccurate application of the bleaching agent.

Laser Teeth Whitening Benefits & Drawbacks

Before you take the leap and undergo laser teeth bleaching, it is best to know the procedure’s benefits and drawbacks. Here they are:


  • Quick Results

The procedure is quite fast. You’ll come in during your lunch break, and your smile will be a few shades lighter within an hour or so.

  • The Treatment Is Precise

Our dentist gets to target specific teeth if the need arises. There is the option of choosing any number of teeth.

  • It’s Effective

Laser teeth bleaching can remove some stubborn stains that other treatments cannot deal with.

  • It’s Safe

The good thing about laser teeth bleaching is that it can only be performed by a trained professional. Therefore, it is safe, and any issues can be mitigated in real-time.


  • It’s Expensive

Unlike the other whitening treatments, laser teeth bleaching will cost you a bit more. This is because of the convenience and speed of treatment.

  • Repetitive Sessions

You might need follow-up sessions to maintain the dazzle.

  • Might Cause More Tooth Sensitivity and Irritation

Since laser bleaching requires a high concentration of bleaching gel, there is a chance that your teeth might be more sensitive.

The Bottomline

Laser teeth bleaching is a quick and easy way of whitening your teeth. However, you must visit a seasoned dentist to get the best results. Therefore, contact us at West Humber Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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