Rexdale Dental Filling Process

Rexdale Dental Filling Process

Feb 08, 2018

Did you know that dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatment options performed? Sadly, most of these dental fillings could have been avoided with proper at home dental care and routine professional dentistry.

A dental filling is necessary when a patient suffers from tooth decay and cavities and can be used to restore the function and health of your tooth, while preventing any additional decay, infection or damage to your tooth. Wondering what is involved in the tooth filling process? Here is what you can expect during your dental filling in Rexdale, Ontario:

  • First, a dental examination will be performed to thoroughly examine your oral health, including teeth and gums. Digital images will also be performed to give your dentist a better understanding of your oral health and to spot any issues they may miss during their physical examination with a naked eye.
  • Next anesthetic will be applied to the area around your decayed tooth, numbing your tooth and the entire area. Using anesthetic will help to reduce any pain or discomfort experienced during the procedure. A topical numbing agent and shot are typically used in order to effectively numb the area.
  • Once the tooth has been properly numbed, your Etobicoke family dentist will begin to remove the decay in your affected tooth. This is typically done using specialized dental tools, allowing your dentist to thoroughly remove any bacteria, infection and decay along with properly cleaning the tooth.
  • Following the removal of decay and cleaning of your tooth, the tooth will be filled using the material of your choice. Tooth-colored composite fillings are the most popular choice at our practice however we also offer amalgam dental fillings. Once the tooth has been filled, a handheld tool will be used to cure the dental filling and bond it into place.
  • The final step of dental filling treatment is polishing the tooth and checking your bite. It is important to make sure your tooth feels normal and can close properly. Polishing is performed to ensure the tooth matches with your natural smile.

Get Your Dental Fillings in Rexdale, Ontario Today!

Do you think you or a loved one is suffering from tooth decay? Contact West Humber Dentistry today to schedule your appointment with our dentist! We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine whether one of our Rexdale dental fillings is the right option for restoring your smile.

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