Root Canal Myths: Busted

Root Canal Myths: Busted

Mar 08, 2019

Root canal is often looked upon as an invasive and painful procedure which is what keeps people sceptical about getting it. When a dentist recommends getting a root canal, it is no less than a nightmare for anyone. However, according to dentist in Rexdale, ON root canal is important as it can save your tooth from extraction and give a new life to it. Most of the things you hear about root canal are myths.

Let’s bust some of those myths here:

  • Root Canal Treatment Is Painful

Most of the people are anxious of dental treatments and mere thought of dental cleaning can also scare them. So when we talk about root canal, they imagine a painful procedure. Dentist in M9V 4N4 understand this anxiety and thanks to advanced options, the root canal can now be performed with anaesthetics so you don’t feel any pain at all.

  • If My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, I Don’t Need Root Canal Treatment

One of the common assumptions made by people is that if their tooth doesn’t hurt, they don’t need root canal. Regular dental examination in Rexdale, ON can help in finding out if any of the tooth needs treatment. Even if the tooth is already dead, you may need root canal to prevent the infection from spreading.

  • Root Canal Treatment Is Only A Temporary Fix

This is a myth as the benefits of the root canal will last longer and forever. The tooth becomes lifeless and brittle after root canal which is why a crown is placed over it. The crown may get broken because of the force of chewing or grinding but that is an issue with restoration and not with root canal.

  • It’s Better to Just Pull The Tooth

You may feel that extracting the tooth is easier than cleaning the pulp, filling it and covering it with a crown. However, our natural teeth are always better than any false restoration. They always look and work better. If you have already lost tooth or infection is beyond repair, only then extraction should be considered.

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