Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Rexdale, Ontario

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Dental Fillings

The most common procedure performed by a dentist is dental fillings to take care of small cavities by filling them. Cavities are formed when the acids from bacteria start to attack the hard outer layer of the tooth. If left unchecked, they can continue to advance and cause further issues.

Metal Fillings vs. Tooth-Colored Fillings in Rexdale, Ontario

For many years, the go-to way to fill teeth was with metal fillings. The main reason for this was due to the relatively low cost of the materials and that they are easy to use. However, as time has gone by, metal fillings have proven to be less than ideal. The metal expands and contracts with heat, which would force the dental fillings in rexdale to start to separate from the tooth. The strength was also less than that of a natural tooth, so it could break too easily.

Thanks to dental technologies, we know have amazing tooth-colored composites. This material can be made to match any shade of tooth color (or even made to be a whiter shade if wanted). It bonds to the tooth much better than metal and also does not get affected by hot or cold temperatures. The strength is also much closer to that of a natural tooth, so it can even help to strengthen a tooth if too much of the structure has been removed.

Dental fillings in Rexdale, Ontario can be taken care of just like a natural tooth. Ensure you are following proper oral hygiene procedures and continue to visit your dentist for your bi-annual visits.

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