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Dental Sealants

When we go out in the rain, we always have an umbrella or at the very least a coat so we can protect ourselves from the rain. Your teeth can also be protected in a similar manner by using dental sealants.

How do dental sealants in Rexdale work?

Sealants use a clear material to block off the low crevasses of the grinding surface of molars. These spots are often trapped for food and debris that can get trapped and start to form cavities.

Who benefits from dental sealants?

Patients of all age can benefit from dental sealants in Rexdale! For children, it is a great way to protect the baby teeth and keep them healthy. Baby teeth have thinner enamel and are much more prone to getting cavities. And while, yes, the teeth will fall out anyway, baby teeth that are decayed or fall out prematurely can have a very negative effect on the oral health. When the adult teeth start coming in, this is also a great time to get dental sealants in Rexdale. The earlier, the better! When you get a new phone, you don’t wait a while before putting a case on it; you put the case on right away. However, even though early is best, dental sealants can be applied any time and can be just as protective.

It is important to remember that dental sealants in Rexdale, ON, are not a replacement for proper oral care, but are very successful in helping to prevent cavities.

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