Dentures in Rexdale, Ontario

Dentures in Rexdale, Ontario

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In the event that all or most of the teeth are missing, dentures are a great and effective way to replace them. Dentures in Rexdale are made from a wide variety of materials that effectively mimic the look of natural teeth and gums, so they blend seamlessly with the rest of the mouth.

Types of Dentures in Rexdale

The most common types of dentures:

  • Partial Dentures – When at least one viable tooth remains on the upper or lower arch, custom partial dentures in Rexdale are used. This appliance will be built around the remaining healthy teeth. This is also very advantageous for the remaining teeth since it can prevent them from spreading or even falling out.
  • Full Dentures – Full dentures in Rexdale are used when all of the teeth are missing from the upper or lower arch.

Benefits of Dentures Treatment

  • Dentures allow the wearer to enjoy foods that they would not be able to without dentures
  • Dentures help the wearer to speak more clearly
  • Dentures help to aesthetically improve the smile
  • When teeth are missing, the face can sag and give an older appearance, but dentures help to prevent that

Dentures in Rexdale are typically held in place via suction and adhesive. Due to the soft nature of gums, the pressure from the dentures can alter their shape. Due to this, dentures will have to be periodically adjusted. To help keep the gums healthy and offer a better fit, implant dentures use dental implants to stay in place. This gives a comfortable yet tight fit that can prevent damage from occurring to the gums and also give the wearer a stronger sense of confidence.

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