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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dental problems can occur out of the blue and leave us in pain and misery. If you’re involved in an accident, indulged in physical activity, or suffered a sports injury, it’s crucial to contact an emergency dentist immediately.

If you’re in considerable pain and unsure of what to do, it’s best to contact our trained dentist near you.

Why You Should Contact Emergency Dental Services

Dental injuries can cause severe trauma and permanently damage your oral health if not treated on time. Failing to visit an emergency dentist quickly increases the risk of tooth loss. Tooth loss can cause difficulties in chewing and speaking, disfigure your smile and alter your appearance as well. The better approach is to call our trained dentist near you, in Rexdale, ON, for guidance and treatment.

If left untreated, a cracked tooth, for example, can cause pain and require extraction at a later stage. Timely and effective emergency dental care near you, can prevent future problems and minimize oral health risks.

When Do You Need to Visit Our Emergency Dental Clinic?

Most people struggle to determine if the problem requires routine treatment or emergency dental care at West Humber Dentistry. In general, experiencing severe toothache or discomfort signals the need to seek emergency dentistry services near you. For instance, soreness or mild sensitivity may not qualify as dental emergencies.

If your tooth has a minor crack or you have a chipped crown that is not causing pain, you can probably wait to schedule a regular dental appointment.

Reliable Emergency Dentistry Near Me

Most emergency dental procedures involve root canal therapy, extractions, and tooth-reattachment. Patients with a severe toothache may need an emergency root canal to drain the pulp chamber of pus. Emergency dentistry near you in Rexdale, ON, may involve the extraction of impacted or severely infected teeth.

Regular dental exams and cleanings and good oral hygiene go a long way in reducing the risks of developing root canal infection and tooth pain. In case of sudden dental problems, please do not hesitate to contact West Humber Dentistry for an appointment with our emergency dentist near you.

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