Mouth Guards

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Mouth Guards

A Custom Mouth Guards in Rexdale can help many patients resolve a variety of problems. To make a custom mouth guard, your dentist will make an impression of your mouth and then use the impression to create a perfectly fitting mouth guard made of strong but flexible material. Why is a custom mouth guard important? The fit is key! Any small pockets of space can still allow any force or trauma to potentially impact the tooth. When the gaps are removed, the absorption is much better.

Sports Mouthguards in Rexdale

Mouth guards are essential for safely playing sports. While it is often a given for contact sports like football and hockey, it can also be very helpful for sports like tennis and baseball too. You never know when an accident can occur. A custom mouth guard is an inexpensive insurance policy that helps keep your teeth and mouth safe and preventing you from having to pay for more expensive treatments that might be needed if an injury was to occur.

Night Mouthguards in Rexdale

Bruxism is the disorder connected with involuntary night grinding, which affects millions of Americans. Do you ever wake up with a headache, sore jaw or notice unexplained chips in your molars? You might be suffering from bruxism. While completely eliminating bruxism can often involve methods such as therapy and prescription relaxers, a custom mouth guard is a clever solution. The material of the mouth guard absorbs the pressure and force of the bite, preventing it from harming the teeth. For those that also have issues with TMJ or sleep apnea, a custom mouth guard can help as well!

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