Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Rexdale, Ontario

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Root Canal Treatment

When left untreated, a small cavity can begin to wreak havoc on a tooth. After the small hole is created, bacteria can spread the infection to the soft center of the tooth. When the nerves and pulp become infected, the viability of the tooth is in question since the nerves are responsible for taking nutrients from the body and bringing them to the tooth. If the infection is left to continue, the tooth will eventually need to be extracted.

About Root Canal Therapy in Rexdale (Endodontic Treatment)

A root canal treatment is a procedure performed by your dentist to save the tooth. During the procedure, the cap of the tooth needs to be removed in order to allow your dentist to completely remove the pulp and sterilize the roots. The roots will also be sealed and filled in to prevent future infections from occurring. A dental crown is affixed to the top of the tooth (this usually requires a follow-up visit at other dentist’s clinics, but thanks to our CEREC technology can be done in the same visit), which restores the strength and aesthetic appeal of the tooth.

Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

There are many benefits to getting root canal treatment in Rexdale, but most importantly, it helps to save the tooth, which is always beneficial when compared to removing the tooth. When removed, a dental implant and crown will have to be installed to prevent other issues from occurring due to the missing tooth. A root canal treatment in Rexdale, Ontario can help save not only your tooth but hours of oral surgery and much more money.

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