Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced

Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced

Jan 03, 2019

Did you know that dentures need replacement too? No matter which dentures you choose, they won’t last for a lifetime. The custom-made partial and full dentures are common as well as affordable options for tooth replacement. Though they are durable and quite strong, they would need replacement.

Here’s a Look at the Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced:

  • Broken teeth
  • If the artificial teeth or any component of the denture breaks, you may not need replacement but repairing. However, get it examined from a professional.

  • The Importance of Replacing Your Dentures
  • When a custom-fit denture is given to you by the dentist near you, it will not only make it easier for you to eat, speak, and chew but also keep your jaw and bite in their right location. The bone density changes over the time which will change your bite also. You would need a new denture according to your newly formed bite.

  • Life of dentures
  • Dentures can be made from various materials from acrylic to ceramic. No matter which material is used, they have an average life of 10 years. You should not wear them for more than 10 years and get assessment from your dentist.

  • Broken denture base
  • If the base of your denture breaks, it would need to be replaced as it important part of your dentures. The damaged base will impact the functionality of the dentures.

  • Change in fit
  • The fit of the dentures will change over the period of the time due to shift in underlying bone structure. Lose dentures will make it difficult to chew, eat, or speak. Getting regular examination will help in right fitting dentures.

  • Stained dentures
  • Over the period of time, the dentures may develop fractures and cracks. This will not only make the dentures dirty but also result in bacteria hiding in these areas. It can result in infection in gums with other dental issues.

  • Unexplained pain
  • If the dentures are ill-fitted, they may cause pain in back, shoulders, or dental pain. You must get the denture evaluated for right fit.

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