Teeth Bonding: What You Need to Know

Teeth Bonding: What You Need to Know

Aug 16, 2019

Beautiful smiles not only you make you look pretty and happy but give confidence and self-belief. But not everyone is born with a perfect set of teeth. With time or due to other reasons, it’s quite possible for your tooth to get cracked, fragmented or discolored. This unevenness of your teeth might affect your smile, as well as your confidence.

Tooth bonding can help you in getting your beautiful smile back.

What are teeth bonding? How does it work?

The dentist chooses the composite color which matches the color of your natural teeth. The surface of the tooth is applied with the liquid which acts as a bonding agent. Then the compound is added over the liquid so that it sticks with the tooth. The structure of the compound is molded as per the required shape by the dentist. Finally, the material is hardened by UV light.

Why get teeth bonding?

It can help in making your imperfect teeth, perfect. People often get this to process to repair tooth which is cracked or discolored. The process is also useful in getting the alignment of teeth right and ensures all teeth are of the same size.

Are there any risks of teeth bonding?

While there is no major risk associated with this process, it is important to note that compound material used in the process isn’t as solid as a natural tooth. It might break or chip off while eating ice, biting nails or eating candy. There is also a chance of discoloration on smoking or drinking coffee.

How much does teeth bonding cost?

Cost of the process is dependent on location, dentist as well as complexity. It might cost close to 500$ on an average.

How to prepare for teeth bonding?

While no special preparation is required for tooth bonding, it’s always better to consult our dentist if there is an exception to your case.

How to care for bonded teeth?

Good dental habits like brushing teeth regularly, avoiding junk foods, coffee and smoke, not biting nails will increase the longevity of your bonded teeth.

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