The power of smiling

The power of smiling

Feb 24, 2019

Smiling is an extremely important part of your personality as well as your lifestyle. If you have read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, you would know for a fact that having a smile on your face makes you look more confident and socially welcoming. These two qualities can change the dynamics of almost any social interaction you have.

Smiling has enormous powers to it, which it confers upon you as you start accepting it. Still thinking why, you should make smiling a more regular practice? Here are a few reasons compiled by the years of expertise garnered by the team at West Humber Dentistry:

Reduced Stress

The biggest reason why you should continue smiling even in hard times is that it induces a sense of happiness and hence instantly reduces the stress levels in your body. Smiling makes your mind sense that there are happy emotions in you and before you know that, the happy emotions have been triggered.

Increased Happiness

When you smile, you make the people around you more relaxed and confident about your abilities. This entire virtuous cycle keeps repeating itself, and you get more power. Smiling makes you feel happier because it is a clear association your brain has made with happiness. There is a two-way causation between smiling and happiness. When you are happy, you smile. When you smile, it makes you happy!

Improved Pain Tolerance

When you are going through tough times, in both physical or mental states, smiling can be an immense source of relaxation. When you try to smile, even in enduring situations, you are actively disengaging from the feeling of pain and your focus on it. It puts you in a meta-state where you are trying to get the control of the situation, and in the process it naturally makes you feel more empowered.

Beating the Winter Blues

Going through a phase of monotony at workplace or just came out of a rather sad phase of life? A simple smile can brighten up the entire set-up. Smiling causes optimism which in itself is a key ingredient of successful endeavours in life. So, keep smiling!

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