Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Jul 07, 2018

Root canal typically have a negative connotation with many individuals. However, recent innovations in the medical and dental fields have allowed for more comfortable and relaxed root canal treatments and procedures. West Humber Dentistry has an experienced dental team that focuses on providing patients with high quality and comfortable care, including root canal treatments. What is a root canal, when is treatment needed, and what is involved with a treatment? Continue reading on to find out the answers.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an area inside an individual tooth that contains the pulp and other chambers. Inside the root canal are nerve and other live tissue. The nerve and tissues are what allow your tooth to feel the heat, cold, and other feelings. If bacteria enter the pulp and create an infection, then a root canal treatment is typically needed.

What is a Root Canal Treatment (Root Canal)?

A root canal treatment is used to remove the pulp in the canal and to properly clean out the canal. Removing the pulp tissue and disinfecting the canal helps to stop the infection from spreading. The first step is to open the tooth to access the chamber. Your dentist will then clean out the affected area and disinfect it. Since the dentist will remove the pulp, you will not have any more feeling in your tooth. Ignoring the pain of an infected root canal will not make the problem go away. The only solution to an infected pulp is with a root canal treatment. Our team is eager to work with you and your family to provide quality care at a fair price. Contact our clinic West Humber Dentistry in Rexdale, ON, today for more information regarding restorative or preventative dental care.

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