What Do Sealants Do – Here Is What You Need to Know

What Do Sealants Do – Here Is What You Need to Know

Jan 01, 2020

The majority of the population faces a cavity attack at least once. Children are more prone to cavities due to their eating habits. Almost every kid loves to eat sweets and cavities make their way. Improper brushing and bad eating habits contribute the most to bad teeth. You can protect your kid’s teeth with a cosmetic dentistry method. This method is known as dental sealants. You can also call them tooth sealants. Their use is not limited to kids but adults can also benefit from it.

Sealants Defined

A sealant is a thin plastic film that adheres to your teeth for protection. The entire teeth are not covered. Only the edges are covered with this film. The main purpose of sealants is the protection of your teeth. You can eat whatever you want and follow a good hygiene routine. Your teeth are safe.

This is an effective technique for toddlers because they are always in a rush. They do not brush properly and enjoying something new to eat is common. They are more open to cavity attack. A sealant is a wise choice for them. The film is placed on the molars specifically because they are involved in chewing. Brush sometimes does not reach the molars therefore, their protection mandatory. You may also call sealants molar tooth sealant due to this specification.

Where Are Sealants Placed

Molars and premolars have small grooves in the teeth that make them open to decay. You may have noticed black spots appearing in the center of the molars first and spreading to the rest of the tooth. These grooves or depressions are called fissures. A fissure sealant is important if you wish to keep you safe from those black spots.

Fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities but tooth fissure can be better protected with this thin film adhered to the molars and premolars. Your teeth get smoother and attractive as well. Brushing will help maintain the sealants.

When Can You Get a Sealant

Sealants are placed when the permanent teeth erupt. They cannot be placed on baby teeth. It does not matter if you want sealants for your kid or yourself. This technique has benefits for both ages. Kids are primarily focused due to their needs and frequent cavity attack. If you feel the need, get your molars protected. If the chewing surfaces or occlusal are sealed, your tooth stays protected. Wisdom teeth are an exception because they occur later in life. Molars and premolars erupt until your kid is 13.

Can Sealants Reduce Sensitivity

Sealants have amazing benefits. They are not just protectors. You get much more from these thin films. Sealant for sensitive teeth is also available. Out of several methods for sensitivity reduction, sealants are the most effective and immediate solution. Dental sealants for adults and kids will prevent cavities and reduce sensitivity as well.

Steps for Sealant Application

This dental treatment is painless. There is no use of surgical instruments or anesthesia. You get protection without any pain and anxiety. Here are the steps followed in the sealant application.

The dentist will polish the surface of your teeth to remove any plaque from the fissures. Your teeth will be dried and etched for better attachment of the sealant.

The thin plastic film is attached to the tooth surface. A beam of light will be used for 30 seconds so that the sealant bonds perfectly with your teeth.

After application, your dentist will evaluate your teeth if it has adhered strongly or not. Chewing is not possible if the sealant has not adhered to properly.

They can last long if you take good care of them. They last for years according to research.

Tips for Sealant Maintenance

Everything needs maintenance and so do sealants. Here is what you can do:

  • Use fluoride toothpaste. They increase the performance of sealants through surface protection.
  • Brush twice a day.
  • Use mouth rinses.
  • Floss daily if you are an adult. For kids, flossing once a week is enough.

West Humber Dentistry makes sure that the teeth of you and your kids stay protected. Our dentists assure a durable sealant procedure. Your kids will be in safe hands if you choose us. Visit us now if you have any queries or need a sealant procedure.

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