Which is the Best Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding?

Which is the Best Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding?

Jun 01, 2022

Grinding and clenching teeth are not uncommon. Almost everybody clenches or grinds their teeth from time to time, especially when they’re nervous or stressed. But, it’s a different story when you habitually grind your teeth.

Bruxism (teeth grinding) might affect you in ways that you might not even be aware of. You can experience headaches, temporomandibular joint pains, tooth sensitivity, etc. That’s why our family dentist in Etobicoke offers mouth guards.

Bruxism (teeth grinding) can happen during the day or night. But when it happens at night, it might be a bit more challenging to treat it since you are not aware that you are grinding your teeth. Getting a mouthguard in Rexdale is the best solution for nighttime teeth grinding.

But the perils of living in our time is that there are too many options out there. So, the challenge is to pick the mouthguard that suits your needs.

Without further ado, let’s check out the various designs and characteristics of mouthguards.

Mouthguard Common Designs and Characteristics

As aforementioned, there is a myriad of mouthguards that you can choose from to meet your specific needs. But, all of these options usually fall into one of these three main types of mouthguards:

  • Boil-and-Bite

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are fashioned in the same way as athletic mouthguards used in sports such as boxing, basketball, etc. The plastic used to create the mouthguards is thermoplastics that change shape or softens in boiled water.

Once the mouthguard is softened, you can bite it down to create a customized impression. Their mode of use makes them a one-size-fits-all treatment. In other words, don’t expect it to give you the experience that custom dental models can since the mouthguard is not specifically designed for your mouth and teeth.

But one upside is that they are very pocket-friendly compared to the other options.

  • Stock

Stock mouthguards are the ones you find in your local stores and don’t utilize custom impressions like the boil-and-bite mouthguards. They are not expensive and might not give you the desired experience.

  • Custom Impression

Custom dental mouthguards are the best option since they are created using your dental impression. These mouthguards are created almost to perfection, and the reason is simple; our family dentist in Etibocoke will take your dental impression and send the data to a lab. Then, you will get a mouthguard crafted to suit your specific needs.

Also, mouthguards, especially the ones that deal with night grinding, can be classified according to the material used to create them:

  • Hard Mouthguards

These ones are sturdy and crafted using hard acrylic 2mm thick. These will serve you best if you seek treatment for severe teeth grinding. They offer extra protection and can last much longer.

But the sturdiness comes at a price. There will be reduced comfort since they are a bit too tight. In any case, they are the most durable treatment.

  • Soft Mouthguards

On the other hand, soft mouthguards are designed for comfort. They are made from a soft rubber-like material about 3mm thick. The material is flexible and has a cushion-like feeling if you have mild teeth grinding or looking for a comfortable solution, or have sensitive teeth.

  • The Hybrid

The hybrid mouthguard is built using the best traits of soft and hard mouthguards. So, they have a hard exterior, making them durable, and a soft inner part, providing extra comfort.

Mouthguards are usually designed for either the lower or upper set of teeth but not both. You can also use two sets of mouthguards if our dentist recommends it.

What to Consider When Getting Mouthguards

Now, you have a scope of what options lay ahead of you. You know the basic designs and functions, but now you need to choose the perfect option. Here’s a guideline that you can follow:

  • How much is it? Your budget will determine whether you will get a custom mouthguard or a stock mouthguard.
  • Will you get multiple guards? Some companies sell one mouthguard, while others will come in packs of two or four and different sizes
  • Is it customized? Satisfaction varies, but getting an option that is fit for your mouth will give you a far better experience
  • Is the mouthguard heavy? You shouldn’t go for a mouthguard that will be a bit too heavy that make the experience uncomfortable
  • What’s the mouthguard made of? The material used will determine the efficacy and comfort

You can still learn more about mouthguards if you can reach out to us at West Humber Dentistry. We would love to help you. Contact us today.

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