Which Is the Safest and Fastest Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Which Is the Safest and Fastest Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

May 01, 2022

If you are searching for the safest and fastest way of whitening your teeth, you must be in a tearing hurry to display a gleaming smile. Perhaps you have an important event coming up and don’t want to show off your discolored teeth before your friends or colleagues.

The market for teeth whitening products and treatments has expanded significantly. When you search for ways to whiten your teeth, you will likely come across hundreds of over-the-counter remedies available at low prices from drugstores and groceries. If you intend to cut back on costs when whitening your teeth, you can rely on the products available over-the-counter with information that while remaining safe, the products are not fast and will likely disappoint you with the results.

An alternative option might be available to you from some beauty salons claiming they can give you whiter teeth and a beautiful smile at low prices. The prices offered by the salons might encourage you to visit them. However, here again, we warn you non-dental professionals provide the treatments without knowledge about dental anatomy. You will likely expose your teeth and mouth to more harm than good by trying unconventional treatments in your haste to get whiter teeth faster.

Now that you understand the reality wouldn’t you benefit if you sought help from the family dentist in Etobicoke to receive professionally administered teeth whitening, delivering safe and fast results instantly?

Can Teeth Whitening Hurt My Teeth?

Teeth whitening from unqualified dental hacks undoubtedly hurts your teeth because they might use higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide without adequately protecting your teeth resulting in tooth sensitivity and other complications. It is why you must always seek teeth whitening treatments from a dental clinic where the facility has appropriate tools and the knowledge to whiten your teeth safely without hurting them.

The Risk of teeth whitening

The risks of teeth whitening are minimal when you acquire the treatment from a qualified dental professional. You might experience some sensitivity in your teeth for a short while after getting your teeth whitened. However, the sensitivity subsides within a day or two, letting you enjoy your new smile without any discomfort.

How Do Dentists Whiten Teeth?

When you visit the Etobicoke family dentist, they initially evaluate your teeth to determine whether you are eligible for teeth whitening. Issues like tooth decay or gum disease disqualify you from receiving the treatment. The dentist cleans your teeth to remove plaque and tartar deposits, contributing to tooth discoloration. The evaluation also includes determining whether the staining on your teeth is extrinsic or intrinsic.

Extrinsic stains are on the surface of your teeth comfortably removable using teeth whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, intrinsic stains are stubborn and need help from a dental professional for removal. Before starting your teeth whitening treatment, if eligible, the dentist notes the color of your teeth to determine how successful the treatment was on them later.

Dentists have appropriate tools to protect your teeth, lips, cheeks, and gums during the treatment. Cheek retractors and rubber dams help against sensitivity on the soft tissues of your mouth.

The teeth whitening treatment starts with an application of concentrated hydrogen peroxide over your teeth four times during the hour at 15-minute intervals each. After every 15 minutes, the existing application is suctioned for a new application. The Etobicoke family dentist provides laser teeth whitening to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort and accelerate the teeth whitening ingredients.

At the end of one hour, the dentist requests you rinse your mouth to receive a fluoride treatment. They also compare the color of your teeth with the notes made earlier to observe the differences that would have improved by three to eight shades.

If you are unhappy with the results, the dentist offers at-home teeth whitening trays with gel to maintain or improve your results at home. They also recommend desensitizing toothpaste for use at home if you experience any sensitivity from the in-office whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments from dentists deliver instant results within the hour to give you a gleaming smile. The treatments are safe and effective besides being fast and do not expose you to any complications that are familiar with non-dental professionals and over-the-counter products but require you to maintain the results by refraining from having pigmented foods and beverages, maintaining excellent dental hygiene, and getting regular exams and cleanings to ensure discoloration doesn’t affect you again.

West Humber Dentistry provides in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments if you need your teeth whitened safely and quickly. Kindly schedule an appointment with them to get your teeth whitened in approximately 60 minutes.

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