Why You Need to Consider Restorative Dentures for Your Missing Teeth

Why You Need to Consider Restorative Dentures for Your Missing Teeth

Aug 10, 2020

Once you lose one or more teeth, your facial muscles shrink, and your face becomes distorted. Dentures replace missing teeth and restore your dental structure, ensuring that you regain initial facial appearance. They resemble your natural teeth and are useful in revamping your smile.

Periodontal diseases, injuries to your mouth, and decay may lead to tooth loss, and dentures are vital appliances in the replacement of your missing teeth. It would help is you’ll consider dentures to restore your natural teeth functionalities.

What are Dentures?

Dentures refer to artificial dental appliances customized by your dentist, to replace your missing teeth. At our dental clinic in Etobicoke, we recommend you undergo full dentures to replace all teeth and partial dentures for a few missing teeth. Your dentist will customize appliances that match the shape and shade of your existing teeth.

Dentures are made of porcelain material that’s friendly to your oral tissues. Your hygienist may recommend you to use resin-made appliances. Resin material resembles your gums, and it serves as a holding site for the artificial teeth.

Types of Dentures That Your Dentist Can Use

Your specialist can use various categories of dentures for your treatment, depending on the state of your dental, they include:

Partial Dentures

They are applicable when your adjacent natural teeth are weak and can’t support dental structures, including dental bridges. They are fitted between your adjacent natural tooth and part of your gum line. Partial dentures in Rexdale are removable during sleep and as you undergo dental cleaning.

Full Dentures

They are complete dentures used to replace all your missing natural teeth. Your dentist can place them at the top or bottom of your gum line, and they are held by suctions.

Overdentures and Immediate Dentures

Your practitioner can use immediate dentures to replace a missing tooth after you’ve undergone an extraction. They are easily repaired compared to permanent dentures if you experience swelling of your gums and jaw bone during the healing process. Immediate dentures are removed upon the healing of your tissues.

Overdentures serve as alternatives to traditional dentures, and they are placed over your natural tooth roots. They can also be fitted on your dental implants. Overdentures are comfortable and easy to remove.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants support them, and they are made of a titanium rod and a custom-made crown. During treatment, permanent dentures can be used. Surgically-placed implants anchor them. With permanent dentures, your dental structure becomes more stable.

Significance of Dentures

Dentures are vital in restoring your aesthetic value, and in the preservation of your oral hygiene, here are some benefits:

  • Having dentures ensures you are not restricted to any diet
  • They replace your missing teeth and enables you to observe good oral hygiene practices
  • Missing teeth lead to facial distortion. Dentures restore the structure of your teeth and jaw bone.
  • Dentures replace severely damaged and decayed teeth, preventing your oral tissues from further damage

Your hygienist can recommend using false teeth to restore your dental functionalities with the various categories. The prosthetic devices ensure you regain a perfect smile and ensure proper oral health care.

Tips on How to Preserve Your Dentures

It would be best if you make routine visits to your dentist to check on your dentures. In case they are loose, your practitioner will realign them to ensure you restore normal functionalities. There are measures used in taking care of your dentures, and they include:

  • Ensure they are moist by placing them in a cleanser soaking solution upon removal
  • Brush your dentures daily to remove plaque, and prevent them from stains
  • Floss and brush your oral tissues, before inserting dentures, to ensure proper oral hygiene
  • Visit your dentist in case your dentures are chipped, broken or cracked

Your Dentistry for Dentures in Etobicoke

At West Humber Dentistry, we use dentures to replace your missing teeth and ensure you regain aesthetic value. We also provide your family with various dental care procedures, including dental exams, fillings, and root canal treatment.

Our dentists in Rexdale, Ontario, guide you on how to preserve your oral tissues to ensure you retain your natural teeth. We recommend you to use removable partial dentures to ensure you observe regular dental cleaning with ease. Please make an appointment with experts in our dental clinic in Etobicoke today.

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