Will Dentures Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth?

Will Dentures Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth?

Nov 01, 2021

When you lose your natural teeth, the only concern you have is on getting replacement teeth. Thankfully, variations to dentures in modern dentistry have made it easy for dentists in ​West Humber Dentistry to replace missing teeth for various patients, regardless of their age. Today, you can even dictate how your false teeth will be designed to suit your preferences. Still, you must be keen on the instructions that your dentist in Rexdale, ON, gives you after getting dentures since they will be crucial to how you enjoy your experience with your new teeth.

What Are Dentures?

They are tooth replacement oral devices designed to mimic natural teeth. The beauty of dentures is that they are effective for replacing multiple missing teeth in a row. Dentures in Rexdale, ON, can be customized and tailored to what you want, depending on your needs and preferences. Usually, there are two main categories of dentures, that is, full and partial dentures.

Full dentures are the type of artificial teeth that completely cover your mouth. As such, you should not be having any natural tooth remaining in your mouth. On the other hand, partial dentures only cover the part of your mouth that has no teeth. It means you get to keep the rest of your natural teeth.

Other than that, there is a variant in the installation of dentures that makes these oral appliances quite popular today. It is known as denture implants, which entails installing a particular number of tooth implants in your jawbone before placing dentures. When implants are secured in your jawbone, your dentist will then affix the dentures in place. The result will be permanent dentures, which are do not slip off accidentally because they are well secured. Therefore, when you visit a denture clinic, be very specific with your needs as you liaise with your denturist regarding the kind of dentures you want.

How Do Dentures Look and Feel Like?

One thing you are assured of when you get dentures is that you will no longer have a big gap in your mouth as a reminder of your traumatic tooth loss experience. On that account, getting dentures is better than being toothless or having a few of your teeth missing. However, dentures are not your natural teeth. The first few weeks after getting dentures may be particularly difficult for you. It takes a while before you familiarize yourself with your new teeth and function normally. This feeling will be more pronounced for you if you have gone a long time without teeth.

However, the appearance of dentures is not unsightly. The reason is that denturists work together with your attending dentist to come up with dentures that perfectly suit your smile. Ideally, the gum base of the dentures will match the appearance of your natural gum line. Further, your dentist will pick a shade of color for the artificial teeth that closest matches that of your natural teeth, particularly when getting partial dentures. From an aesthetic point of reference, your dentures will elevate your overall facial appearance. Besides, having new teeth will offer extra support to your facial muscles for a more youthful and fuller appearance.

Struggles of Getting Dentures

Before you get used to your new set of teeth, you will struggle with your dentures. Some of the things you should anticipate include:

  • Mouth sores and blisters – very common if the dentures do not fit properly. For this problem, liaise with your dentist to adjust your dentures and make them fit much better.
  • Difficulty eating hard foods – will happen for the first couple of days before you get the hang of it.
  • Problems with language – you may have some difficulty trying to pronounce certain words. It takes practice to get it right.
  • Increased saliva in your mouth.
  • Feeling of bulkiness – dentures are not your natural teeth, so you should not expect them to feel like that. At first, they will feel bulky until your mouth gets used to wearing them. It is why your dentist will recommend wearing your dentures throughout during the first few days of having them.
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